The eCommerce Planning & Strategy Masterclass

Thinking about expanding - or getting started with - eCommerce in your business? 

Learn exactly where to begin with this free module from The eCommerce Planning & Strategy Masterclass.

Inside this quick, actionable module, you’ll get:

  1.  A 20-minute video breakdown of the steps you can take to efficiently map out your eCommerce strategy. 
  2.  A short test you can use to determine if eCommerce is right for your business. 
  3.  An intro to the eCommerce Customer Loop™ framework - your key to attracting the right audience, selling your  wares, cost-effectively delivering your products, creating return buyers & more. 
  4.  The Project Composer™ - a quick-start tool designed to create your eCommerce plan in 30 minutes or less. 
  5.  The eCommerce Key Results Dashboard™ to measure your store performance and fuel data-driven decisions. No more guesswork about what is or isn’t working!
  6.  The Two-Page eCommerce Plan™ template to develop your vision & long-term goals.
eCommerce Mastery - Module 1

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