The eCommerce Planning & Strategy Masterclass

Learn the A to Zs of eCommerce…and create an actionable, ready-to-execute eCommerce plan. In 30 days or less. 

A masterclass made for the established business owner who wants to drive more sales with eCommerce, but is stuck asking themselves “where do I even start?”

katie thompson diosa

The information was extremely relevant and up to date as well as easy to understand. This was the perfect course to take as our business is still in start-up mode but hoping to launch further with the skills we gained from this masterclass.

Katie Thompson
Diosa Designs
lindsey aquamedia

I enjoyed the content and how it was presented... I would certainly recommend any start ups or anyone launching ecommerce to attend this course!

Lindsey Coshell

Good information provided in the course. Good for all skill levels. Comprehensive planning for setting up ecommerce. Coaching is the best part. 

Lawrence Lake
Owner, Maritime Knife Supply 

Great content... big fan of your process tools. Strategic Coach-like. I feel like we can apply theses tools in many of our initiatives. 

Anthony Martin
Owner Nexcent Strategic Business Relations

This is a great learning opportunity for anyone who has a product that they are trying to launch a new shopify website for. Second Spring Digital is top notch team that has answered any questions that we have had and have provided value with us especially with our SEO...We will be using some of the tools in 6 months time to evaluate how our ecommerce part of our business has evolved and improved and we are looking forward to seeing the continued growth. Thanks guys!

Peter Davis
Sales and Operations Coordinator at Wabanaki Maple

Good content- lots of guidance- great framework.

Maureen Hanley
COO, Navigate Food Safety Inc

Everything You Need to Plan, Implement & Drive Sales with eCommerce

8 quick, fluff-free video modules that cover the A to Zs of eCommerce

Many businesses mistakenly believe that eCommerce is “just selling online”... and then forget to plan for all that’s needed for an online store to actually be successful. 

That’s why our no-nonsense video lessons cover how eCommerce works from top to bottom beyond just selling online – including how to select the right eCommerce platform, attract customers to your online store & turn them into repeat buyers, identify opportunities for growth, and more.

Nearly a dozen actionable eCommerce tools & templates

Alongside each module’s video lesson, you’ll find easy-to-use tools and templates that help you act on the module’s teachings….whether that’s building out a persona, developing a keyword strategy, identifying opportunities for driving growth, or more.  

Walk away with a complete “here’s what happens next” eCommerce business plan & strategy for growth

As a business owner, it’s easy to “get lost in the weeds” when it comes to figuring out how to successfully grow your business with eCommerce. 

To help you strategically plot your way forward, the masterclass will take you step-by-step through the creation of an eCommerce plan that’s simple (just two pages!), practical, and ready-to-implement. So you’re never left questioning “where do I even start?” again.

Optional 1-on-1 strategy session with experts in eCommerce

While some students are happy to go through the masterclass lessons, tools, and templates to put together an Ecommerce plan on their own, many choose to complement this with 1-on-1 strategy sessions with one of our eCommerce experts and masterclass creators.  

Here’s what you’ll find inside The eCommerce Planning & Strategy Masterclass...

Module 1:  Get Started

Getting Started with Your eCommerce Plan 

This is where you’ll create a rock-solid foundation for your eCommerce growth and get the “big picture” overview of all that goes into a successful online store (hint: it’s about more than just “selling online!”). 

To make sure you start your eCommerce venture off on the right foot, we’ll go through: 

  • A quick breakdown of the exact steps you can take to efficiently map out a realistic eCommerce strategy
  • A short test you can use to determine if eCommerce is right for your business 
  • The eCommerce Customer Loop™ framework (your key to attracting the right audience, selling your wares, cost-effectively delivering your products, creating return buyers & more)   

Your Module 1 Tools:

The Project Composer™

Interested in getting your eCommerce up-and-running ASAP? Here’s a quick-start tool that’ll help you prioritize your most critical next steps to create a “micro” eCommerce plan in 30 minutes or less.

the project composer

The eCommerce Key Results Dashboard™ 

No more guesswork about what is or isn’t working with your store! With the eCommerce Key Results Dashboard™, you’ll get a breakdown of the most critical metrics you need to measure your store’s well as have an organized, easy-to-access place to track them.  

Key Results Dashboard

The Two-Page eCommerce Plan Template™ 

While you’ll get many tools and lessons throughout the module, The Two-Page eCommerce Planis the one that’ll help you stop asking “where do I even start?”.  By using this template to identify your purpose, your vision, and the exact steps you need to take over to make them a’ll have the insight and strategy you need to gow your eCommerce more quickly and easily. 

Two Page eCommerce Plan

Module 2:  Identify Your Ideal Customer

Identifying Your Ideal Online Customer   

87% of shoppers begin their product searches online. But how do you make sure they end up on your website amid all the noise?

We’ll dedicate the next three modules to answering this very question, beginning with first determining who you want to be attracting to your online store (and then later moving on to how you get them there in the next two modules).

To make sure you have a complete understanding of this essential first step for attracting customers, we’ll go through: 

  • What you need to know about bringing new & current customers to your online store 
  • Why deciding who you’re selling to is a critical first step in building out your brand, messaging & campaigns 
  • How to identify your ideal customer & understand what they need with The Persona Buildertool  

Your Module 2 Tool: The Persona Builder

Build out your perfect buyer persona in two steps with The Persona Builder™! With this tool, you’ll not only clearly pinpoint who you’re targeting, but also explore your ideal customer’s motivations, pain points, and hesitations to shape your brand and product messaging around.
The Persona Builder

Module 3: Get Found Online 

Getting Found Online with SEO & Keywords

Now that you’ve defined your ideal’s time to make sure they can actually find you online. (No, just building a website and waiting for them to come won’t cut it!)

Out of all the options out there, there is none that is as effective (and also as misunderstood) as search engine optimization, or SEO. 

To “demystify” the inner workings of SEO and ensure you plan your SEO & keyword strategy the right way (hint: in a way that’s sustainable and actually helps you grow), we’ll go through: 

  • Your options for getting found online (including organic search, paid search, keyword strategies & SEO) 
  • The two critical components of SEO you need to balance to be successful
  • How to define your own keyword, paid search & SEO strategy with The Keyword Plannertool

Your Module 3 Tool: The Keyword Planner

SEO may be the eCommerce marketing strategy with the highest ROI...but it’s also the one that many business owners struggle to get right. With The Keyword Planner™, we’ll break SEO down into 4 parts so you can easily create a keyword strategy that’s effective, sustainable, and ready to implement.
keyword selector

Module 4: Create Online Ads

Creating Online Ads that Attract Your Ideal Audience 

Now that you’ve learned the basics of SEO and developed your keyword strategy, we’ll move onto the final module about attracting your ideal audience: creating digital ads. 

While SEO tends to be a long-term ads can be a powerful way to give you results quickly without committing to a massive ad budget.

To help you create online ads that build brand awareness and reach your target audience quickly, we’ll go through: 

  • Your options for ad platforms (and a framework you can use to choose the right one)
  • The anatomy of an effective digital ad 
  • How to easily – and strategically – put together your pay-per-click (PPC) ads with The Digital Ad Builder™ tool  

Your Module 4 Tool: The Digital Ad Builder


Build out your next pay-per-click ad easily even if you’re new to online marketing. With The Digital Ad Builder™, you’ll piece together 4 essential elements to craft an ad that’s effective, strategic, and attracts your ideal customer.

digital ad builder

Module 5: Sell & Deliver to Your Customers

Setting Up Your Online Store to Sell & Deliver

(Efficiently & Cost Effectively) 

Once you have a plan in place for attracting customers to your online store, we’ll move on to the critical next phase: selling your products and delivering them.

Although this is usually the one stage that business owners think of when they consider eCommerce, there’s a lot that goes into it. For example, do you build out your own store? Or sell via a marketplace? And do you handle fulfilment and delivery in-house? Or work with a third party? 

To make sure you’re choosing the best and most cost-efficient options for your business, we’ll cover:

  • The basics of what you need to know to sell online
  • eCommerce platforms vs eCommerce marketplaces (+ how you can choose which one is right for you) 
  • Your 3 options for product fulfilment and delivery (+ how you can choose which one is right for you) 

Your Module 5 Tool: The Sell & Deliver Planning Matrix™

All the options for selling and delivery can be overwhelming. But with the Sell & Deliver Planning Matrixtool, you’ll be able to make a quick and informed decision about what options to move forward with. Simply add in your business’s current situation and your preferences...and receive a recommendation about which online selling and delivery methods to choose.   

The Sell & Deliver Matrix

Module 6: Satisfy Your Customers

Satisfying Customers So They Buy Again   

What’s the secret to any successful eCommerce store? Customer satisfaction. After all, 80% of individuals say they stop doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience (which is not something you want them to do with yours!). 

As if that’s not reason enough to focus on your customer satisfaction, it’s also much cheaper (some estimates say 5X cheaper!) to get a current customer to make a repeat purchase than to acquire and nurture a new customer all over again. 

To make sure you’re not missing out on valuable opportunities to develop a great brand reputation that keeps customers satisfied and returning to buy, we’ll go through: 

  • Key ways to improve your customers satisfaction throughout the entire shopping experience
  • Easy-to-replicate examples of customer service & satisfaction done right 
  • How to identify any holes in your customer service that may be harming your brand with The Customer Journey Gap Analyzer™ 

Your Module 6 Tool: The Customer Journey Gap

Quickly identify any potential harmful gaps in your customer experience with The Customer Journey Gap™. So you can make sure your customers are satisfied across all stages of their buying journey...and you can turn as many of them into happy, repeat customers as possible!

The Customer Journey Gap

Module 7: Grow Your eCommerce Store

Growing Your eCommerce Store

Now that you’ve got a plan in place for attracting your ideal audience, selling & delivering your products, and satisfying customers, we’ll look to additional strategies you can use to grow.

To keep your business heading in the right direction and pave the way for growth, we’ll go through: 

  • Why the “customer loop” mindset is your secret to sustainable eCommerce growth (and why sales funnels aren’t!) 
  • 3 core growth tactics you can apply to your online store ASAP
  • How to explore additional opportunities for growth with The eCommerce Growth Canvas™

Your Module 7 Tool: The Digital Growth Canvas™

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the never-ending “must try”' tips, blog articles, and Youtube videos out there about growing your online store...then the eCommerce Growth Canvas™ can help. This tool will give you an easy visual of growth opportunities across all stages of eCommerce – and help you prioritize which ones to focus on based on where you are today. So you can plan your next steps strategically, and not get stuck “guessing” what to try next.

The Digital Growth Canvas

Module 8: Put Your eCommerce Plan into Action

Finalizing, Funding & Putting Your eCommerce Plan into Action 

Now that you have a completed, ready-to-implement eCommerce plan with a full breakdown of your most important next’s time to take action! 

To help you successfully make your new eCommerce plan a reality, we’ll go through: 

  • Finalizing your plan and preparing to fund it 
  • Building, testing, and officially launching your online store 
  • How to use data to identify what is and isn’t working at your store with The eCommerce Key Results Dashboard™   

Your Module 8 Tool: The Full eCommerce Key Results Dashboard

In this final module, you’ll get the full version of The eCommerce Key Results Dashboard™ that you first saw in module 1. With this tool, you’ll be able to choose from additional metrics to measure your store’s performance across the customer journey and fuel data-driven decisions that help you grow.  

Key Results Dashboard

Get personalized growth support from eCommerce experts with optional 1-on-1 strategy sessions

Not sure if you’re taking your online store in the right direction? Or have other aspects of eCommerce that you’d like direct guidance from an eCommerce expert on? 

To get the most from the masterclass, many participants choose to complement what they’re learning with private strategy sessions with one of our eCommerce experts (each of whom has spent years working on digital operations for some of the largest companies in North America – including Deloitte and The Royal Bank of Canada).  

So whether you want personalized help on SEO, your branding, the tools you’re using, which products to sell, or just about any other topic that you’re getting stuck on, our eCommerce experts are here to help. 


Scott MacIntosh

Founder, Second Spring Digital Inc.

Scott has a successful track record as a serial entrepreneur and brings over 25 years of consulting experience, including time as a Partner with Deloitte. You'll recognize Scott from the Masterclass Module Videos! Businesses with highly technical, complex and B2B eCommerce needs will be especially well served by 1:1 strategy sessions with Scott! 


Darren Dunn

eCommerce Solutions Lead

Darren also has an extensive background in consulting, having also worked at Deloitte as a Senior Consultant! Darren is our 'Brand Guru' and specializes in marketing, customer loyalty & satisfaction, conversion optimization and brand image. Darren is our pioneer behind the Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report. 


Christian Poirier

eCommerce Consultant

Christian began his career in technology innovation before making the switch to consulting. Christian worked at RBC Royal Bank focusing on digital innovation, designing customer journeys across different platforms. You might find yourself suited for 1:1 sessions with Christian to discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO), conversion optimization & PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads.



Limited-time bonus when you add strategy sessions to your initial masterclass enrollment...

A Personalized Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report

(sold for $1,500 outside the masterclass) 

Choose the “Masterclass + 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions” enrollment option below, and you’ll also receive a personalized Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report from our team. 

With this report, you’ll get a data-backed look into what is and what isn’t working for online stores in your industry. Giving you the chance to identify common industry mistakes to well as growth opportunities you can draw inspiration from. 

All you have to do is pick 3 competitors in your industry that you’d like to have insight into...and  then we’ll do a deep dive into their eCommerce technology and marketing to create a comprehensive report that includes:   

  1. A detailed keyword & SEO analysis (including their keyword volume & performance, page rankings, and site authority) 
  2. A technical site analysis (including what platform they’re selling with and any additional tech add-ons or systems they’re using) 
  3. An evaluation of the methods they’re using to attract their audience & where their traffic is coming from 
  4. Recommendations on which tech or marketing insights to consider implementing in your own store (and which to avoid) 

Choose your masterclass enrollment option & start growing your business with eCommerce today.


Masterclass vs.

Masterclass + 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Access to all 8 eCommerce planning & strategy modules Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Access to nearly a dozen actionable eCommerce tools & templates Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Tech support from the Second Spring team  Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Lifetime access to course materials  Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Two-Modules-On-Us Guarantee Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)

Four 1-on-1 strategy sessions with an an expert in eCommerce 


Untitled design (5)

Bonus Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report to help you maximize your strategy sessions (sold for $1,500 outside the masterclass) 


Untitled design (5)


(limited-time pricing) 





Savings & Bonuses


$1,223 + $1,500


Savings + Bonus Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report



Masterclass + 1:1 Strategy Sessions:


The Two-Modules-On-Us Guarantee:

“What if I try the masterclass and then decide it’s not for me?” 

If you join the masterclass, dive into the eCommerce planning insights in module 1, identify your ideal audience and begin to consider how to attract them to your online store in module 2, download your copy of the actionable module tools, dive into your 2-page eCommerce plan template....and then decide the masterclass isn’t what you’re looking for?

Just send us a message, and we’ll refund every dollar you’ve paid so far. (Including any unused coaching sessions you may have added upfront). 

You even get to keep the tools that come with these two modules you tried (including The Project Composer, The eCommerce Key Results Dashboard, The Two-Page eCommerce Plan Template, and The Persona Builder™).  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our masterclass is best for established business owners who have some basic knowledge of eCommerce or marketing/general business operations.

Beyond this, the masterclass is best suited for individuals who plan to use eCommerce to complement and grow the business they already have. Not for those who want to start a new eCommerce business from scratch.

No, it’s not. The masterclass will be valuable to any business owner who isn’t seeing the results from eCommerce they’d like to have.

So whether you’re brand new to eCommerce and don’t know where to start…

Or you’ve already begun eCommerce and opened a store but aren’t sure where to go next...

The masterclass will be useful in removing a lot of the guesswork so you can make a strategic plan to grow your online store.

The masterclass is here to help you make real progress in your business’s eCommerce, rather than simply learn eCommerce theories. 

Because of this, each module’s video lessons are short (under 20 minutes) and focus on taking action. In other words, most of your time in the masterclass will be spent working through step-by-step tools and creating your eCommerce plan. Not just watching pre-recorded informational videos. 

Altogether, between watching the video lessons, working through the tools, and finalizing your eCommerce plan, masterclass participants take an average of 10 hours to get through it all. 

Most participants choose to divide this time over a month, with modules dripped out twice weekly (dedicating roughly 2.5 hours to the masterclass per week). Others choose to have all their modules delivered upfront so they can work through the entire masterclass and eCommerce planning in 2-3 days (please contact us after enrolling in the masterclass if you’d prefer this option). 

As we’ve said before, the aim of the masterclass is for you to make genuine progress with eCommerce, not merely learn theories. 

Because of this, each masterclass module will give you tools and a lesson on a critical aspect of eCommerce strategy and well as help you complete and refine your eCommerce plan along the way.   

So here’s what it comes down to: if you take the time to watch each short video lesson and carefully work through each module’s tools...then yes, you will walk away from the masterclass with a completed eCommerce plan and growth strategy that’s ready to put into action. 

You have two enrollment options to choose from: 

  1. Masterclass Only
  2. Masterclass + 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions

In the “Masterclass Only” option, you’ll get full lifetime access to all 8 modules of the masterclass – including all video lessons and eCommerce planning tools and templates. 

In the “Masterclass + 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions” option, beyond the masterclass you’ll also get personalized support from our eCommerce experts every step of the way.

If you select the “Masterclass + 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions” option when you first enroll, you’ll also get a free personalized bonus that we charge clients $5k for outside of the masterclass: a Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report.  

If you choose the “Masterclass + 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions” enrollment option, you’ll get 4 strategy sessions with an eCommerce expert to schedule anytime during (or after) your masterclass. 

Since these are private sessions, we can use this time to work through anything your online store might need. 

So whether you want personalized help from eCommerce experts on SEO, your branding, the tools you’re using, what products to sell, or just about any other topic you’re getting stuck on, these strategy sessions are your chance to get it. 

You can add in strategy sessions anytime you like during or after the masterclass (just email us or book them through your masterclass portal). 

However, if you don’t include the strategy sessions in your initial enrollment (with the “Masterclass + 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions” enrollment option), you’ll miss out on the chance to get a personalized Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report

We normally sell these to clients for $5,000 outside the masterclass...and we won’t be offering them to business owners who add in their strategy sessions later on. 

In other words, choosing the “Masterclass + Strategy Sessions” option today is the only way you can get a personalized Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report included with your enrollment for free.  

Absolutely. With our Two-Modules-On-Us Guarantee, you can “test out” our first two modules risk-free. 

If you work through these first two modules and then decide that the masterclass isn’t right for you, just send us a message and we’ll give you a full refund (including a refund for any unused strategy sessions you may have purchased upfront). 

You’ll even be able to keep the tools you’ve downloaded by that point (including The Project Composer, The eCommerce Key Results Dashboard, The Two-Page eCommerce Plan Template, and The Persona Builder™).  

You can send us an email at

Self-Actioned Planning Vs. Consulting Services

    • Creating this level of plan is typically only available by hiring high-end digital consultants that would charge $10,000 to $50,000+ to create the same outputs you will be trained to create with this course
    • And - that would be a 'one and done' engagement - you wouldn't receive all of the tools, and you certainly wouldn't be trained on how to use them yourself
    • Then if you wanted to update or iterate your plan in a years time (recommended) you'd need to hire the consultants again

Hire Consultants to create a plan for you:


Work Through The Planning & Strategy Masterclass with 1:1 Strategy Sessions:


That's a savings of more than $8,000


Masterclass vs.

Masterclass + 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Access to all 8 eCommerce planning & strategy modules Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Access to nearly a dozen actionable eCommerce tools & templates Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Tech support from the Second Spring team  Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Lifetime access to course materials  Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)
Two-Modules-On-Us Guarantee Untitled design (5) Untitled design (5)

Four 1-on-1 strategy sessions with an an expert in eCommerce 


Untitled design (5)

Bonus Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report to help you maximize your strategy sessions (sold for $1,500 outside the masterclass) 


Untitled design (5)


(limited-time pricing) 





Savings & Bonuses


$1,223 + $1,500


Savings + Bonus Market Insights & Competitor Analysis Report



Masterclass + 1:1 Strategy Sessions:


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